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Touchwiz 5 ROM For Galaxy W Jelly Bean 4.2.2

Touchwiz 5 Jelly Bean 4.2.2
Based on CM10.1 Alpha 7 


Features on Touchwi5 JB 4.2.2
Build for daily use
Based on CM10.1 Alpha 6
S4 Themed
S3 launcher
S4 Status bar with white clock and date
S4 UI sounds and ringtones
S4 weather widget
S4 Calculator
S4 clock (Digital, funky, modern)
S4 Messaging app
S4 Wallpaper chooser
Touchwiz like keyboard
S memo from S4
Walkman Player
Samsung task manager
Themed system apps
Transparent Playstore 4.0.27
Super light gapps included
Madridii's Kernel
W-handle for lockscreen long version
Samsung JB bootanimation
OTG support
Seeder V7
Build.prop tweaks
Removed many apps
Receiving and making calls
Proximity sensor
USB mass storage
HW accelerated gui
HW accelerated video
Wifi/USB tethering
Artifacts in preview for panorama shots
Green color when taking pictures (saved picture is ok though)
Thanks - Credits
To arco68 for his CM10.1
To Madridii for his kernel
To Adi Aisiteru Reborn for everything
To ryuinferno for the seeder v7
To blackcat67 for the universal s4 theme
To Yeti12 for the amazing bootanimation
To LeroViten for the poweramp fix
To Team REMICS-JB for the amazing apps
To GalaxyW Indo for supporting me
To ::indie:: for idea to the thread
Touchwi5 v8:
Fixed SystemUI force stop when hold menu button (app switcher)
Switched back to hurtsky kernel 3.4 v2.5 as people complaining that seeder is not working
Added ''touchwiz like keyboard'' (credits team REMICS_JB)
Touchwi5 v7:
Rebuild the whole ROM and odexed (All problems have been solved)
Reverted to S3 launcher (to prerevent force close with the AccuWidget
Fixed theme
Added Accuweather Widget
Added S4 Planner (Calender)
Added S4 Calculator
Added S4 Clock (Digital, Funky, Modern)
Added S4 Wallpaper Chooser
Updated S Memo to S4 version
Updated Samsung Task Manager to S4 version
Updated system fonts to S4 style
Touchwi5 v6:
Added madriddi lastest kernel for longer battery life
Fixed poweramp cannot be install issue (Thanks @LeroViten)
Fixed Playstore
Added Samsung music player
Removed apollo
Touchwi5 v5:
Update base CM10.1 Alpha 7
Added hurtsky's kernel v2.3
Removed transparent statusbar due to some problem
Fixed launcher force close
Removed Accuweather Widget
Changed holo dark background to CM style for better appearance
Touchwi5 v4:
Update base CM10.1 Alpha 6
The transparent status bar is now included on the rom (A big big thanks to Adi Aisiteru Reborn, He made this possible)
Added hurtsky kernel v2.2 moremem
Removed googlebackuptransport
Touchwi5 v3:
Update base CM10.1 Alpha 5
Fixed bluetooth
Fixed force close on some apps that rely on GPS
Added Skull kernel v1.2
Fixed Setting FC on changing tiles and layout
Removed seeder because of some battery problem
Touchwi5 v2:
Added arco's kernel 3.4.43
Addon for Statusbar
Revert to CM10.1 Keyboard
Fixed unknown ringtone on first boot
Raised Lock/Unlock sound
Touchwi5 v1:
Initial release


Gapps included, Do not flash gapps!
Build 8 [1]
Build 7 [1]
Build 6 [1]
Build 5 [1]
Build 4 [1]
Build 3 [1] [2]
Build 2 [1] [2]
Build 1 [1] [2]
Please make sure you have clockworkmod or twrp installed. If not, please refer to this thread
Boot to CWM Recovery by holding volume up, power button and home key
Make a nandroid backup and make sure to keep a copy of the backup to your pc
Wipe data / factory reset (Not needed if you update from Touchwi5)
Install Touchwi5
(Wipe cache will be done automatically during installation so you can skip this step
Wipe dalvik cache will be done automatically during installation so you can skip this step)
Guidance for flashing Touchwi5 ROMS:
Full Wipe Install (recommended)
- Wipe Data / Factory Reset
- Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
- Format System partition
- Install

No Wipe Install
- Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
- Install

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